Design Services

We provide Design services to Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Independent Clients and Project Managers, for a wide range of projects within many sectors of the construction industry including Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Rails, Metros and Infrastructure, Education, Health and Residential.

Backed up by a sound theoretical approach and years of practical experience, our team is fully aware of and are experienced with local authorities requirements in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India.

We offer Design services incorporating applicable local regulatory requirements and International standards, across various industry sectors.

Our comprehensive Design Services to Clients in Middle East and India covers the following disciplines:

  • Architectural and Interior Design.
  • Structural and Civil Engineering.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing [MEP].
  • Landscape and Irrigation Design.
  • Roads & Infrastructure Design.
  • Railways & Metro Design.
  • Sustainability Design.
  • CFD and Fire Systems Design.
  • Building Information Modelling [BIM]

We are open to carry out the above services either as a single or multi- disciplinary package, for any combination of the above services. We are able to draft project specific scope of work in line with your particular requirements.

We are fully aware of the importance of local regulatory requirements, and understand the differences in the applicable standards depending on the location of the project; as such we ensure all our designs are suitable as per the location of the project.

We bring your ideas to life. Our Architects collaborate right from the projects inception, discussing and understanding your specific requirements, and create conceptual presentation material, which is then optimized to suit your exact requirements. To provide the local touch we have architects and associates from various cultural backgrounds which provide an excellent platform to transform client ideas into reality.

Each project has a dedicated Design Manager who is responsible for the overall design including production of drawings, specifications, cost analysis, Quality Control, Sustainability, as well as coordination between various disciplines, specialists and the client.

We strive to include or recommend Sustainability concepts in all our designs. A majority of our Engineers, Architects and Associates are trained to recognize opportunities for integrating green building design approach wherever possible.

Our deliverables can be matched according to the client requirements. We can deliver the full package considering all design stages, from Concept, Preliminary and Detail Designs for Consultants, to Shop drawings and As Built drawings for Contractors. The design package is complete with drawings, calculations and reports. We can deliver both 2D and 3D design packages.